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While hard and fast figures are tough to come by, it appears that the Game of Thrones season four premiere will become the most pirated TV episode of all time, racking up around one million downloadswithin 12 hours of the US airing, and a few million more in the days following. People pirate TV shows, movies, games,
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, let take a look at why people pirate Game of Thrones.

Legally watching Game of Thrones is expensiveOther than its inherent popularity, the main reason that Game of Thrones is pirated is because it can be very hard and expensive to legally watch in many countries around the world. While many shows eventually end up on Netflix,
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TorrentFreak analyzed the cost of an HBO subscription in the US, UK, Australia, Canada,
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, $5 per episode) but that before the cable/internet subscription (which puts it up to around $100 per month), and not including the fact that many subscriptions have a minimum contract of six or 12 months (so, the real range is around $40 to $120 per episode). In Australia, it even worse: The cheapest HBO package will run you $70 per month, with a minimum contract of six months. After some other added costs, it works out at roughly $50 for a single episode of Game of Thrones.

It a similar story in the UK, where it cost you around $35 per month for an HBO subscription, with a minimum contract of 12 months, for a total of $42 per episode (remember,
The Lowest Price.Welcome To Buy Air Jordan 5 Laney, Game of Thrones only runs for 10 weeks). Canada gets HBO fairly cheaply ($18 per month), but you also need a digital or satellite TV subscription on top of that, putting the per episode price up around US levels. In the Netherlands, the situation is actually not too bad: You can pick up Game of Thrones for around $9 per month, and some providers allow you to cancel your subscription at any time.

Obviously, if you in Australia, very few people in their right mind would pay $50 per episode, or $500 for the season and so they download the show instead. (Rather unbelievably, the corporate director of Foxtel, the Australian provider of HBO, believes that it completely OK to charge $50 per episode.) It a similar story in the US, UK, and Canada, where you probably paying upwards of $40 per episode. Really, though, it the total subscription costs that you need to look at you can just about justify $50 per episode, but being locked into a $500+ multi month contract is insane.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of people in the world who really want to watch Game of Thrones but don have $500+ to spare.

But is it really that simple?By this point, you probably aware that I oversimplified things to tell a more dramatic story. When you pay $30 per month for that HBO package, you usually get a bunch of other channels as well. Yes, being locked into a $60 per month internet/cable subscription bumps up the price but you need that internet access to pirate the show.

This is where the second major cause of piracy ease of use enters the picture. Yes, you get lots of other TV shows as part the subscription bundle, but that just not how we consume media any more. We don want to buy a huge batch of things and then slowly work our way through it all, including the gristly bits that we don like we live in an age where we choose exactly what we want to consume, and when we want to consume it. If HBO made individual episodes of Game of Thrones available to purchase worldwide for $5 immediately after it airs in the US, then piracy would drop dramatically. If those files also lacked DRM, allowing you to move them between your smartphone and home theater setup freely, piracy would probably become a non issue overnight. (Read: Why I pirate.)

The thing is, HBO knows this. Broadcasters around the world know this. But still, HBO does nothing about it. Why? Because, as flawed as the system appears to be, it still works. HBO is still making tons of money ($5 billion in 2013), as are the various worldwide broadcasters and rights holders. Game of Thrones is massively popular, driving huge levels of piracy but also large amounts of DVD and merchandise sales. Yes, broadcast TV could probably be done in a better way (see: Netflix and House of Cards), but the current status quo is obviously still working in HBO favor so why rock the boat?

Tagged Inwait. it comes in 1080p and 192 96/24 bitrates, and uncompressed audio? and 3d? and 4k? when I said fidelity, I meant watching quality content, with quality visuals and sound on actual, quality devices I simply do not prefer to watch epic films on a cell phone It cute for people looking for alternatives, are not really concerned with how blind they are, or simply don mind everything looking like it went through a photoshop image effect filter (or being played on VHS.).

Don get me wrong here either, I gone through plenty a black market bootleg during deployments to keep entertained while the films were still in theater/in broadcast,
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, but not quite.

Cost per episode depends on how fast you send back your DVDs, but I averaging about $1.50 per DVD. With two episodes per DVD, that 75 cents an episode,
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HBO should set up a I pirated your show, here a donation I can afford and feel accurately reflects my enjoyment page.

Not a perfect answer, since there are plenty of people who still won pay,
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Almost like humble bundle,
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Maybe even turn that into a voucher with equal value that someone can redeem against a Disc version once its available.

Even if my idea is terrible,
, there so many better options to let people pay for what they want to enjoy.

The total cost for an episode of Game of Thrones in my country would be at around 20 dollars. However, anti piracy is not enforced in the least, so everyone is free to pirate away. So obviously I pirate it too. However, I would like to pay them back when I have the chance. Maybe buy it on DVD. If not they should set up a donation page. Plenty of people around the world don afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a season but would like to make a little donation. Even if the average donation would be about 2 dollars they would still make a couple of millions. You get catch up to the big sky channels, discovery and comedy central. Pretty good really. I do get your point though of forcing people into 12 month expensive contracts is idiotic. Still Sky where just as monopolistic as the cable companies in America, even possibly more so with sky running all the channels. Now they have been force to offer a subscription internet service to rival netflix and amazon.

I pirate this show because it more convenient for me the way I operate. I don want to wait until the air date, or the re air date, and time. I want to watch this as and when I please. It the same for ALL other TV shows.

I also don pay TV licencing in the UK (legally, I do this, I do not receive live TV in any form). So I don get bombarded with stupid advertisements.

Now, I realise I leech the system and give nothing back,
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, and I pay money for Amazon Prime (including the delivery, etc). I am willing to pay for content,
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I got hooked on GoT when the fourth season began airing so I bought all three seasons on Bluray and it was a spectacular experience to watch it this way for the first time. When I finished S3 HBO was around the fourth episode of S4 so I thought to myself wait for the season to end in June and I buy the Bluray shortly thereafter

But then the straw that broke the camel back was when I learned that HBO launches their GoT Blu ray seasons until February of the next year! Meaning the seasons ends airing in June and i would have to wait until two months before Season 5 begins airing, it ridiculous!

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