ALPS – Emotions

The aim of this provision is to enhance the emotional and mental wellbeing of our pupils in order for them to earn effectively and lead healthy and happy lives.

National Context: The NDCS position statement on Mental Health (2010) reports that 40% of Deaf children suffer from a mental health problems, as opposed to 25% of hearing children.

We aim to actively promote and provide for the continued emotional wellbeing for our pupils in a number of ways in our core curriculums and Enrichment Programmes. In addition we offer students additional 1:1 Emotional Support. Pupils can receive support through a particularly challenging time in their lives or may receive more long-term support. Pupils are reviewed every half term and are encouraged over time to be able to manage their own mental wellbeing, developing strategies to ensure resilience, emotional maturity and a positive sense of self.

Child Mental Health Lead – Ms Pat Kiff


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