Challenge and Innovate

Building an exceptional and
personalised curriculum leading
to a diverse range of academic
and vocational subjects for
students aged
10 -16


Communication and Language:

An extended English Curriculum focusing on Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Visual Phonics, Grammar, and Communication. English Language skills development is a key part of every area of the curriculum.

 Questioning and Debate:

To facilitate higher order thinking skills and raise students ability to analyse research, make judgments and present sound thinking.

 Emotions Curriculum:

Promoting emotional and physical well-being to enable young people to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

 Enquiry Based Learning:

Student-led project learning to develop leadership, curiosity, collaboration and
interdisciplinary knowledge.

 Personal Learning and Thinking Skills:

Developing skills in teamwork, independent enquiry, effective communication, self management, creative thinking and reflective learning.


Identifying and developing students’ passions, abilities and entrepreneurship, through an adventurous extra curricular programme.

Cultural Programme:

The curriculum is hooked onto a dynamic visit programme to many museums, theatre productions, art and music events across London.

 Pastoral Care:

Pastoral support enhances life, social and study skills preparing our students for the opportunities and responsibilities within school and beyond.

 Learning Mentor Guidance:

Providing 1:1 support for students in overcoming barriers to learning, in order to achieve their full potential.

Residential Visits:

Developing students confidence, leadership and communication skills for life in both national and international settings.

 State of the Art Technology:

Students expertise and ownership of new technology is fundamental to effective learning and communication.

 Learning Outside the Classroom:

Promoting learning through real-life experiences beyond the classroom walls through local, national, cultural, religious, sporting, professional tutoring and community engagement.

 National Accreditations in Functional Skills, Entry Level, City & Guilds GCSE, ASDAN and BTEC level

Core: BSL  English  Maths  Science

Social Development: PSD Work-related learning

Creative: Media  Graphics  Visual Art  Drama  Music

 Technology: ICT  DT  FT  Keyboard

Beliefs and Cultures: Citizenship  RE

 Global Studies: Geography  History

Healthy Living: PE PSHE Dance


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