Phoenix House provides a caring, happy and stimulating environment in which boarders can enjoy and benefit from a wide variety of educational, social and leisure activities.

It has excellent facilities and is homely and comfortable.



The children love the warm, family atmosphere created by our dedicated team of staff, experienced in working with young people with additional needs. The team works closely with pare

nts, carers, teachers and therapists to meet the requirements

of all residents. The boarders flourish in this environment and become responsible, confident and inde

pendent young people ready to move on to higher education or employment.


Phoenix House is attached to Oak Lodge School and is regulated by Ofsted.


“The quality of residential provision is excellent.”
                                                                                                 Ofsted 2012

Phoenix House offers up to 5 days a week term-time boarding for students aged between 11 and 19 years old.  Accommodating up to 17 students a night, the unit is staffed by a professional team who specialise in working with young deaf people with additional needs.

Working closely with parents, carers, teachers and therapists, the residential team adhere to the waking day curriculum supporting students with their educational needs, social and independence skills.

Students lead full and active lives and are engaged in a variety of educational social and recreational activities.  We promote independence amongst the students and support them in developing a range of social and life skills.

Underpinning our practise is the Every Child Matters Agenda.  Staff support and promote the five outcomes in the work they undertake with students.

We are committed to providing a positive, safe, homely environment for our students to develop emotionally, socially and educationally.  We encourage students to become responsible, confident and independent young people ready to move on to higher education or employment.

Phoenix House is attached to Oak Lodge School and is regulated by Ofsted.

Residential Report 2010

Parent comments from a recent questionnaire:

“Great Independence skills are learnt at Phoenix House”

“My son has developed over the years he has attended Phoenix House. He is now able to integrate into the community, he has also made lots of life time friends and his social skills continue to improve.”

“My daughter looks forward to staying over at Phoenix House. It’s a wonderful experience for her to socialise with friends

Other Parent comments:

“The children are safe and well looked after”

 OFSTED quotes:

“Pupils are encouraged to make decisions about their lives and to influence the way the school is run.”

“Residential pupils have access to a wide range and choice of activities.”

“Residential staff provide pupils with excellent support in their education.”



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