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At Oak Lodge School we strive for all our pupils to be confident and effective communicators, to the best of their ability and understand their own strengths.

To achieve this, the school takes a child-centered approach and aims to:

  • ​make learning accessible to all pupils (this includes pupils who require Alternative Augmentation Communication e.g. the use of symbols etc.)
  • develop pupils’ language and communication skills
  • ​prepare pupils so that they leave school confident and competent in using a variety of communication methods to increase their chances of succeeding in both the hearing world and the wider deaf community as adults

Oak Lodge pupils during an English Lesson


English is at the heart of all learning at Oak Lodge School. From Years 7 – 14, our aim is to enable pupils to have functional English and literacy skills, so that they can flourish as adults.

Key Stage Three pupils are taught using a range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, to broaden their vocabulary and knowledge of the world. This is supplemented by multimedia texts, theatre and other cultural visits.

Pupils are encouraged to read regularly and to develop a love of books. As such, we have a wide-range of age appropriate texts and a dedicated reading time every Tuesday morning, where pupils are encouraged to read independently and are listened to through paired reading.

The team of highly motivated, subject specialist teachers are skilled at understanding the specific language needs of Deaf learners and work alongside our Speech and Language Therapists to improve and build upon pupils’ communication skills and enable them to interact confidently with their peers, both hearing and hearing impaired.

If required, pupils with significant skill gaps may be referred for individual or paired Additional Learning Provision (ALPs), complex cognitive and/or language assessments and follow up individualised intervention programmes.

Pupils also follow a grammar curriculum in preparation for accessing accreditations in Key Stage Four and Five.

Staff at Oak Lodge utilise the Shape Coding system to support pupils’ understanding and use of correct English syntax. This is a visual and colour coded guide which enables pupils to independently construct and correct their sentences.

Following baseline assessments, pupils follow individualised learning pathways and targets. We are able to meet the needs of a wide ability range within these pathways and ensure that all pupils are supported and extended as necessary. Pupils are taught in class groups or sets with pupils following the same pathway(s) being grouped together as far as possible.


Functional Skills is a widely recognised and highly regarded system of accreditations which also gives pupils the ability to create documents and texts that they will use in their adult lives, comprehend non-fiction texts and participate in discussion and debates effectively.

Board Exam Name
ASDAN Unit Award Scheme –  Language & Literacy
ASCENTIS Functional Skills Entry Level – Unit Award Scheme
City and Guilds Functional Skills English Entry Level 1 to 3
City and Guilds Edexcel GCSE in English
ESB Certificate in Oral Communication Skills

Pupils following the Academic Pathway may sit GCSE English in Key Stage 4 or 5.

Head of English                 Mr D. Houston

Teaching Staff                     Mrs. C. Campbell

Teaching Staff                     Ms. H. Moritmore

Teaching Staff                     Ms S. Cassandro

Teaching Staff                     Ms M. Bryson

Teaching Staff                     Ms A. Campbell-Nottage


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