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In Maths, the pupils all work on similar subject areas, but on different levels, with individualised tasks. Number work, place value and basic addition and subtraction tasks are covered in every Maths lesson as the basics of these topic areas tend to underlie all other areas in Mathematics; the mathematical language linked to these tasks is initially taught separately from the actual task. One focus with the complex needs pupils lies on problem-solving activities and thinking skills. Where possible, tasks are linked to project work in other subjects, to encourage pupils to apply learning rather than engaging in isolated learning tasks.

As part of the “Colour of Music” Project students explore shape using animation techniques in Maths class.

Maths- Shape from Project ICT on Vimeo.


Board Exam name
AQA AQA Mathematics Entry Level Certificate
Edexcel Functional Skills Maths Entry Level (1-3)
Edexcel GCSE Maths

Head of Math                       Mr. S. Lee
Teaching Staff                     Mr. F Queseda Pallares
Teaching Staff                     Ms. M Bryson

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