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The Art Curriculum is a central part of school life at Oak Lodge. The department regularly contributes to whole school cross-curricular projects and thrives on partnership working with museums and artists outside the school. In Key Stage 3 our aim is to inspire pupils to be able to think creatively in all aspects of their learning and develop these creative thinking skills for their future. Pupils develop their understanding of how Art and Design shapes our world and how creative skills improve success at college and employment. We believe that it is imperative to make the most of the cultural opportunities on our doorstep and have an extensive visit schedule which supports classroom learning. This includes drawing trips, visits to colleges and to Museums and Galleries to develop pupils’ historical and critical understanding of Art.

Pupils explore an array of disciplines from Fine Art – Architecture – and Design and learn from a diverse programme of Artists from the traditional to contemporary and from Western to Primitive Civilisations. Through these media pupils follow the process of responding to a brief, recording, developing and designing ideas, experimenting, editing and finally making and presenting their work. The element of enterprise and showcasing pupil work is regularly embedded in their study and forms part of the assessment. Through this we expect pupils to be able to confidently articulate and present their ideas to an audience.

Head of Art                      Mr D. Bedford
Teaching Staff                 Ms H Muriel


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OCR GCSE in Art & Design


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