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Oak Lodge pupils participating in a Design Technology Lesson

Design and Technology (DT) is a very diverse subject that encourages pupils to use a variety of skills and draws on knowledge and understanding from across the curriculum, especially from maths, art and science, and requires pupils to apply this in practical ways. Through designing and making activities, pupils develop crucial life skills such as how to plan and organise themselves, how to analyze and think through problems creatively and how to evaluate the products, trends and designs around them. In DT pupils consider important issues of human wants as opposed to needs, they learn how to work with tools and materials and develop skills through a variety of different processes.

DT equips young people with skills which can bring change and shape the environment of their future and these skills can benefit their lives and their well-being. The subject teaches pupils to become more responsible citizens as they understand the designed and made world that we live in and helps them to consider their lifestyle choices and their responsibilities as young consumers in a technologically advanced yet increasingly materialistically focused, disposable society. The DT department at Oak Lodge has a key role in preparing young Deaf people to become successful, confident and responsible citizens in an increasingly complex world, where teaching of quality DT is a vital requirement for the country’s future in the 21st century.

 Head of Design Technology                       Mrs I. Luczak-Wisniewska


Board Examname
AQA (Product Design) + Entry Level Certificate
AQA Resistant Materials
AQA Textiles
AQA GCSE Resistant Materials
AQA Unit Award Scheme

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