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CI1The Enquiring Minds Curriculum: creating learners who are independent, organised, motivated, innovative, inquisitive and confident.

Enquiring Minds is a contemporary and creative curriculum designed for 21st Century Learners.

It is planned as a thematic curriculum that intertwines personal learning and thinking skills ‘Skills for Learning’ with intensive language development. ‘Skills for Learning’ have been identified as essential for success in learning, life and work. In this curriculum both teachers and pupils become explorers through a topic each term. Each topic is hooked onto an inspiring experience, utilising the many cultural opportunities London has to offer. There are six topics delivered over 2 years. In Year 1 we cover ‘My Identity, My Journey’, ‘Changing London and Rhythm and the Body’. In Year 2 we cover ‘Freedom and Rights’, ‘Inventions and Discoveries’ and ‘People on the Move’.  Through these projects pupils visit at least one museum a term such as the Museum of London and the Imperial War Museum or the Horniman Museum. We also visit one theatre show such as ‘The Lion King’ or  ‘The War Horse’. Pupils work with a number of visiting professional to develop their skills and knowledge and are frequently asked to present their work to an audience.

The Curriculum is formed of three parts: Explore, Design and Perform

Explore: Humanities, Research & English. In this component pupils are exploring the knowledge of the topic through learning how to research, critique and present their understanding.

Design: Art and DT & Mathematics. In this component pupils are utilising their knowledge of the topic to design and make a product or artwork.

Performing Arts:  Dance, Drama, Music & English. In this component pupils are combining their knowledge and design work to create a performance. We have found Performing Arts to be a powerful tool through which pupils explore language, history, culture and spiritual ideas.

Watch the video showcasing outstanding achievement during our thematic cross curriculum initiative aimed at year 7 and 8 students.

Some more amazing Enquiring Minds Projects:







Teaching Staff                     M. S. Cassandro
Teaching Staff                     Mr. M. Golowacz
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