Textile work produced by Oak Lodge pupil

The Entry Level Certificate in Textiles is a course which consists of 4 units of work. Each unit has 10 tasks that need to be completed to secure the highest pass of Entry 3. 

There are two compulsory and two optional units. The compulsory units offer a basic introduction to working with textiles. It focuses on the safety rules and regulations in a textiles workshop and introduces the pupils to a basic awareness of tools and key processes. Pupils are requested to design and make a soft toy. They analyse textile products and begin to understand why there are different types of garments for different events. 

The optional units focus on exploring various techniques from a given range; embroidery, printing, tie-dye, batik ..etc and enhancing a plain fabric. It focuses on disassembly of products and understanding how its been constructed and why. Pupils can also design and make a bag.

The course is very well structured and offers progression from Entry 1, 2 through to Entry 3. It provides a wide range of opportunities that allow for practical work, investigations and designing. 

 Co-ordinator                       Ms I Luczak


Board Examname
AQA Entry Award – Levels 1 – 3
Unit Award GCSE

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