Child Protection and Safeguarding

At Oak Lodge School, we take Child Protection and Safeguarding very seriously.

Schools have a duty to report to Social Services when they have concerns about a child’s wellbeing outside school. Often, these concerns are resolved quickly without further action being necessary. However, we believe that it is always better to err on the side of caution.

Oak Lodge School will always work closely with parents where concerns are raised, and parents will in most cases be informed when a referral has been made to Social services.

We have seven Designated Members of Staff for Child Protection and Safeguarding:

Christine Mukasa, Acting Headteacher
Karen Duggan-Stevens Head of Sixth Form
Holly Black, Assistant Headteacher

Jess Doyle, Wellbeing Mentor
Jack Isaac, Senior Residential Worker
Barry Thompson (Adults), Deaf First

For more information please see our Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy.

For further information about our relationship and behaviour whole school practice, please see here.

Project Tearose
If your child attends a school in Wandsworth and police have responded to a domestic incident, his or her headteacher or school safeguarding lead will be told by 9am the next morning of what has happened.
This is to make sure that a support network is put in place and your child’s teachers are aware of his/her welfare.
For more information about Project Tearose, please click here.

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