Oak Lodge is a maintained special school for pupils aged 10 -19 based in Wandsworth.

The school offers day and residential places for pupils aged 10 to 19 with hearing impairment, speech, language and communication needs, who benefit from being educated in an inclusive multi-modal communication environment.  Many of our pupils have needs addional to this e.g. ASD, Motor Difficulties, Visual Impairment, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, etc. and require a differentiated curriculum and more intensive support to facilitate their learning.

The school ensures the development of each student’s full language and communication potential, using a student-centered multi-modal approach to language development which includes BSL, Sign Supported English (SSE), spoken English, written English and the use of visual and kinaesthetic learning strategies.

To view the school’s admissions criteria, please read our Admissions Policy

To contact the school directly, please complete the form below:

Admissions Process
Depending on your circumstances and individual needs, you will be invited to one of our open days and/or invited to book a bespoke student and parent/guardian visit.

If you choose to proceed with your admissions enquiry, your child will be invited for an assesment day. Assessment visits are useful as they not only allow us to find out how we can support your child in school but also because your child can experience life at the Oak Lodge and decide if they would like to be a student here in the future. Once assessed, a report is prepared on the prospective pupil and a decision is taken by the Senior Leadership Team based on the information provided by the Assessment Team.

If a pupil is accepted, information from the assessment, home visit and consultation pack is shared with the wider staff team in the form of a presentation and pupil profile sheet.

Admissions contact:
Christine Mukasa, Admissions Coordinator
0208 673 3453


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